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Sorry for the absence folks

Sorry for having not blogged in a while. I'll  be back soon. For now here's a great speech by a man named Aaron Weiss at the Dutchess County Legislature back in Mar '13. A great speech that should be shared and echoed from every roof top in the country!!! Amen Mr. Weiss!!! Aaron's speech

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Government over regulation is neccessary for your safety!!!

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom, it is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves" --William Pitt 1783

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." --Benjamen Franklin 1775

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      The statements above say it all folks and truer words have never been uttered. Two great quotes by two great men. The biggest factor in the ever continuing degradation of our civil and human rights will be politicians screaming on TV that we "need" government regulation, laws, and bans to keep us safe! Even suggesting they are necessary to our survival. Mayor Bloomberg is a shining example of such a politician. He seeks to regulate absolutely every facet of daily life!! From pop, trans fat, cigarettes, and idling cars, to baby formula, sodium, alcohol, taxis,....and ear buds!?!?  From conducting secret squirrel entrapment operations in out of state gun stores to having an A/C unit designed for placement in the window of your house retrofitted to the window his tax payer purchased SUV!!?? He knows he's just a city mayor right? 
       Personally I try to eat as healthy as I can and, yes, it's a frustrating task trying to eat healthy outside my own kitchen. I don't smoke or drink in excess...though I do use ear buds...we all have our vices. I know these things are not healthy and, unless you've been living under a quarter pounder, so do you. The world would probably be a better place without some of the things he wants to regulate away with, but I make the choice to live healthy, I don't need some over stepping politician to instruct me on how to do so! Though I do encourage everyone to do the same I have absolutely no right to demand they do!! ...and either does Mike!! Please citizens!!! Do not let this man run for President!!!
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     The latest anti-gun legislation, centered around background checks and straw purchases, but containing much fine print, failed in the senate 40-60.  Mrs. Fienstien then commented, "I have watched these votes, and I must say I view them with substantial dismay at the lack of courage in this house..." What she meant was she was disgusted that her fellow senators did not have the courage to vote against what their constituency, in which they represent, wished them to vote.  Personally I don't mind a background check, if it's accurate and not abused! It would most likely be neither accurate nor un-abused. Being a libertarian I oppose government intervention in any of our lives or liberties. This does however mean the proposed gun bill is in peril
         Mrs. Fienstien is upset that her fellow senators didn't just vote without regard to their constituency. This is what happened in NY with it's SAFE act. Nearly every law enforcement agency in NY is opposed to this law based on public outcry and most cite the way in which the law was rammed through the legislative process. You may Google "opposition to SAFE act" to see a list of government and LE entities in NY that oppose it....it's quite a list. That level of opposition is a huge indicator that politicians did not act in their voters best interest. It is my sincere hope that this unconstitutional law is repealed. The sponsorship of at least two democrats is needed to accomplish this and that may be where my hopes go to die....
         I would like to say a couple things to those of you who think the Army or Troopers are coming
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for your guns or somehow support the SAFE act. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but it bares repeating. The US Army comprises one of the largest groups of gun owners and constitutional proponents in the country. We take an oath to that affect. We are taught what an unlawful or unconstitutional order is and we are allowed, even required by law to refuse to follow it!  The Army is not coming for your guns. The constitution strictly forbids using the Army against US citizens. ...as for the Troopers....they love guns too. They are proponents of the 2nd amendment, the constitution and gun ownership. They are not in a hurry to knock on a fellow citizen's door and take guns from from a fellow gun owner. The "brass" that governs the Troopers may not share that sentiment but I assure you they are not coming for your guns either. Many of them I have talked to are willing to tell their leadership to stick it if ever such an unlawful/unconstitutional order is given. Let that be the end of that.....
         If anything positive has come from Gov Cuomo's totalitarian gun bill it is that he inadvertently derailed any federal gun legislation by causing nation wide panic when he sodomized NY with the SAFE act. Gun owners were afraid similar legislation would be enacted in their state or worse that Obama would simply clone the SAFE act and shove it down America's throat. They immediately petitioned their representatives and senators to reject any such bill. Harry Reid noticed this and himself said an AWB would never pass.
       Jay Mohr tweeted that "the second amendment must go..." (link) he referenced the lack surprise or shock that something like the Boston Marathon tragedy could occur. He was then inundated with pro second amendment rebuttals!! He was clearly not anticipating such a response and asked (tweeted) where all these maniacs were coming from!?
        Even after the President shamelessly exploited
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children and grieving families, his assault on the Constitution failed. This man's continued use of the emotions and grief of American citizens and the sad faces of children to push his agenda is the most shameless and despicable acts of manipulation I have ever witnessed!! ...and by an office that should be above such nonsense!!
       What Senator Fienstien, Mr Mohr and the Pres don't seem to understand is that Wednesday 17 April was not a "pretty shameful day in Washington". It was the American people being fairly represented in Government!! No it was not the NRA buying anyone off!! It was people calling, writing, tweeting, and emailing their elected leaders and demanding their voice be heard! Thanks in part to fear of getting their own SAFE act. Gov Cuomo screamed to the world that New Yorkers wanted the SAFE act, what happened next was New Yorkers saying, "...um...no we don't". Senator Ried, of all people, understood this and said as much by pointing out that an AWB would not pass the senate long before the vote. Senators are not supposed to "vote their conscience" they are supposed to vote what their constituency wants them to vote!! Our elected leaders are not absolute rulers! They do not dictate to us, we dictate to them!! That is why they have phones and email and mailboxes!! And that is what happened to the anti-gun bill in the senate. Unfortunately this is not what happened in NY!!
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  The Boston Marathon bombing showed the American people a couple of things. First of all it told us that the evil Bushmaster .223 isn't the only thing to strike fear in American hearts. It showed us that a country can, once again, rally around a stricken city. That even sports rivalries can be put aside to show a little love and respect. It also showed us that some people are so despicable that they can "hope" the suspects turned out to be "white Americans" so that liberalism doesn't take a setback. David Sirota article America got to listen to the real suspects family members cry "setup".... yes the conspiracy theorist were burning the midnight oil too.
Craig Ruttle/Associated Press
        It also showed us that police can and will forcibly enter your home because it was "necessary" to find the fleeing suspect. In reality who is going to say no? Being LE myself I would gladly assist police who wanted to check my residence. They wouldn't have to ask. Being a proud second amendment supporter they wouldn't find him alive in my home anyway. This touches on a fine line. No body wants to impede the search for a terrorist suspect, but in reality the 4th amendment was designed to protect ones privacy and keep government out of your personal affairs and off your property ...and it was trampled on in Watertown, Mass.
Gun Powder 
       The Boston Marathon Bombing was a tragedy that did not involve guns, but it did involve gun powder. If it is not already being constructed, look for a bill, or amendment to current gun legislation, that will severely infringe ones ability to obtain gun powder. Those of us who hand load will find our little oasis in the big ammo famine starting to dry up very soon. It would only be fair of cooking appliances and ball bearings be severely regulated in the next gun bill as well.
      These regulation build up to the point that it is impossible for any average American, or even a seasoned lawyer, to keep track of what they can and can't do and when they can do it, or shouldn't, for how long, how much they can do and with who, in what county, state, city or district, indoors or out, upside down or backwards?? When does it end? Do you mean to tell me we need to regulate the amount of bullets one buys or how much pop one can drink to convince people that killing is wrong and if I drink to much Choka-Cola I'll get fat? Are we as a people that stupid or inept? I believe our elected officials think so.
         There are enough laws on the books to cover these acts of terror and violence. They have been on the books since before there were books. Some people call them common sense! Don't kill people! Don't eat fried food and hamburgers three times a day every day or you'll get fat!! Do I need regulations on top of regulations to tell me those things? "No" is the answer if you're wondering. I've said it before and I'll say it again...humans are the most adaptive species on earth. If you take away a tool to build a house they will make another more effective tool and build it better. The same goes for killing I'm afraid. The Boston Bombers meant to kill and they did. No laws or regulations were going to stop them. We need to take another approach. I will not pretend to know what that approach might be or how it will come about but it won't be regulated into use that much I know.
         We need to start by enforcing the laws we have and being more vigilant as a society. Someone knew these two were up to no good and did nothing about it. Sometimes, though, there is simply nothing anyone can do. Some individuals bent on killing are going to do just that. Ideology or extremism, mental defect or emotional breakdown....some things just can't be addressed or addressed in time. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Oil and their BIG prices!!

           Hello good citizens and patriots and hello to those who have viewed this blog from OCONUS. I appreciate the interest and please...feel free to comment and add to the discussion. I haven't blogged in a while and I apologize for my absence. It's been youth hockey tournament season and and with a few weekends off in a row, the little ones have my attention. Oil instead of guns this week. Guns are still a hot topic and as the debate grows, I will come back with more on one of my favorite pastimes.
           There is a lot of stagnation on the forefront of gun legislation as the states and the federal government hash out their ideas for bills behind closed doors. As it stands now, anti-SAFE act momentum is growing in NY and it is my hope and anticipation that lawsuits in addition to reluctant and confused law enforcement agencies and county government opposition will strike down this anti-second amendment atrocity. We have had at least one arrest due to SAFE act violation in NY, a war vet no less. Today it was reported that the portion of the SAFE act regarding magazine capacity has been put on hold "indefinitely". In regard to the federal bill, Sen Reid has taken the Assault Weapons Ban portion off the table in the coming gun legislation due to overwhelming doubt that it will get through the house. See... he's not so stupid as he looks. More on that as it develops and I'll give my summary when the proverbial shit hits the fan....either for them or for us.

                                           Now on to the sticky subject of Oil.....

         Oil production in this country will now exceed the amount of oil we import. This is the first time this has happened since 1995. Wait....what?!?!? "It happened before" you ask!! Well then, why the hell are we bothering to use OPEC oil in the first place? Good question. A better question....why the hell do export most of that oil?? Yes...we export most of the oil we produce. So in essence the ships carrying refined fuel...yes we even do all the work of refining it first...from the US heading to Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan and the ships carrying crude oil here from the Middle East, pass each other in the ocean!! I don't own a business or hold a business degree so I will not pretend to know how one works...but a wise man once said..."wtf?"
         Oil is responsible for many of our economic woes here in the US and also in many countries around the world. Especially those with Christian governments. One only needs to cross reference global oil prices with governments supportive of, or wholly run by, Islamic law. Google it. If you think the US has high fuel prices due only to high fuel consumption you're living in the dark. The individuals that make up OPEC and it's policy making entity do not subscribe to the time honored law of supply and demand. They are a monopoly. They do not care about the environment or the polar ice caps or the lonely stranded polar bears that are set adrift because of global warming. They are not our friends nor do they wish to be in the slightest and they are not the pure of heart. They are loyal only to money and in part Islam. Oil companies get the blame but OPEC sets the price world wide. The truth is the oil companies have nothing to do with the cost of oil and they couldn't lower it if they tried. They just so happen to be the experts in getting it out of the ground and turned into that stuff that makes your car go vroom. If you were the only mechanic in town would you fix everyone's car for free? No you wouldn't...but I digress.
         Manufacturers will include the cost to ship their products into the cost of the product itself...that is why some regions have drastically different prices. When the cost to ship goes up..remember Frieghtliners and locomotive use diesel engines...the manufacture has no choice but to pass the added cost burden onto the consumer. This is necessary for them to maintain a profit. They can not and will not stay in business if they don't make money....and there is nothing wrong with that, it's called capitalism. Profit is all to often associated with greed or the idea that the evil corporations are fleecing the American consumer. It's ok to make money at something...it's essential to our way of life actually.
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       If you have been in a grocery store in the last two to three years you will have noticed that prices have gone up considerably...in some cases they've doubled. This is fuel costs being passed on to you. The next time you see a trucker filling up his rig ask him how much it just cost him...it will be four figures I assure you.
        So back to those ships passing in the night. Why would we take the time to pull oil out of the ground and refine it into fuels only to load it on a ship and send it to another country...and at the same time pay another country to ship their crude oil to us?  Would farmer Smith grow hay and ship it to the Johnson farm only to turn around and buy hay for his own cows, at a substantial price increase I might add, from the Stevens farm? No!! No he wouldn't ...and if you asked him to do that he would look at you funny and promptly tell you to vacate his premises. This is not good business practice. It screams of corruption and back room favors. If someone could convince me of it's wisdom either economic or even political I would greatly appreciate it.
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       Most of the sources available online reporting global oil prices suggest that gas prices are high because crude oil prices are high. Crude oil prices are affected by world events. Weather can be one of those events, but the big ones are usually civil unrest, terrorism, or US disapproval of tyrannical governments. Namely Iran with it's threats to wiping Israel off the planet and it's growing hate of terrible things like freedom, women talking in public, internet and other such evil. Unrest in Yemen, Lebanon and Sinai can also have huge effects on oil prices. The US may not get any of it's oil from these places but our gas prices soar every time Saheed  pisses off Mahmoud.
       US Oil companies are not bound by any laws or common sense when it comes to who they sell the fuel to. It's a global market and they have the right to profit on it. I do not suggest or condone the idea of the government putting their grimy hands in the mix either. Common sense would dictate that if US based oil companies exhibited some patriotism and some solidarity and turned away the ships bringing crude oil form OPEC sources and relied on our own oil production we could solve a whole hell of a lot of our foreign policy headaches! We could set our own prices and I would venture to guess the oil companies would still make a ton of cash!
       Pollution? Well I don't exactly subscribe to the man made global warming concept. I think it's a little presumptive to think we have that much of an influence on mother nature. I believe that the Earth goes through ups and downs all on it's own and we are merely along for the ride. I think we are just progressing OUT of the last ice age. When we progress INTO the next one will we take credit for that to? Will we say recycling worked ....hooray!!! The EPA saved us!!! We probably will say those things actually....
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       That being said I do believe in pollution and I know fossil fuels pollute. I am also a huge proponent of technology and it's advances. I realize that something needs to evolve and the technology behind internal combustion is dated and it's only natural that it evolves into something else. Actually I can't wait to see what it is and I hope I'm still young enough to enjoy it. In reality, I probably won't see it. My kids may not even see it. We're not there yet. If we had the answer right now, and big oil wasn't able to buy it out of existence, it would take years to perfect and implement into society. You know the deal...only the rich could afford the first incarnations then there's the countless failures associated with new technology until the bugs can be worked out. Then there's the hundreds of software updates and patches, manufacturing improvements. After the copy writes are sorted out and sold to the highest bidder the cost would probably come down to a somewhat crippling cost for the average income. Then there's the reformatting of the entire US municipal and industrial infrastructure....that should be quick right? A couple months maybe? Wind and solar energy are to inefficient and costly. They are just not there yet. If they evolve to something viable as an energy source it won't be soon and it won't be in time. I don't believe they alone can solve our energy problems...obviously they can not run our cars. Batteries are toxic and dangerous. LiPo batteries (lithium -polymer) for instance are a very powerful and technologically advanced battery but they can easily, and often do, explode if over charged and are ruined if drawn down below 3 volts per cell.
         The quicker we get out from under OPEC's thumb the better. Oil is still the answer for now and new technology and more efficient use of fossil fuels will help us in the interim as we evolve to a new power source. Total obsolescence of fossil fuel is still to far away at this point. We can achieve a lot if we become self sufficient, both in economic and political stability.

 Side note:

Photo: NATO Review Magazine
      Many people credit Ronald Reagan with the fall of the Soviet Union. I loved President Reagan so it pains me to say otherwise but this is my theory on the fall of the USSR. During the 1970 oil crisis in this country we were again the victim of a tantrum thrown by OPEC. In an effort to avoid another crisis propagated by OPEC  the idea of drilling and becoming self sufficient was proposed, this prompted OPEC to drop oil prices to a point that made drilling here unnecessary. This was OPEC manipulating oil prices to keep us at their bosom.
Photo: picturedepot.com
       Russia's chief export at that time was oil and natural gas. In 1979 they went to war with Afghanistan, a Muslim country, the war lasted until 1989 covering all of President Reagan's two terms in office. This is why he received credit for the USSR's demise. The war was very taxing on the Soviet economy and we did help the Afghans in their effort. When OPEC lowered their prices ...from over $80 down to $20 and lower per barrel, this effected the price of Soviet oil and gas to a point that their already stressed economy could not survive. The Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989 and soon after the USSR collapsed....oil prices started going up.
       The US relies on foreign oil instead of relying on it's own so global prices have the opposite affect. Higher prices would cripple our economy much like lower prices crippled the oil producing Soviet economy. In 2003 we went to war with a Muslim country and wouldn't you know it oil went up and fuel prices more than doubled.....crippling our economy.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Saved from ourselves!

Schoolhouse Rock
          Well it happened.....S2230-2013 On 15 Jan 2013 the governor of NY received and signed a bill that went so fast through the NY senate and assembly that I will forever scream BS when NY lawmakers claim to be at an impasse or blame a slow innate system for not getting budgets and contract negotiations to proceed in a timely fashion. What happened here in NY is an absolute travesty. A bill that was known to lack a majority of public support, known to to be constitutionally questionable at best, a bill that if put to public vote would be overwhelmingly defeated, was given to the senate at the very last possible moment with only 30 minutes to review before voting. Have no doubt folks that it was presented that way on purpose. The constitution and about a half dozen laws and regulations regarding the passage and transparency of laws in this state was circumvented and intentionally avoided! This was done because the outcome, had it been made public and adequately reviewed and some level of understanding reached, would have been different, I assure you! Democrats believe that left leaning government knows best and the people should not be left to their own devices lest the country spiral into the dirt amid an idiotic blank stare. They truly believe they are here to save us from ourselves. They think we should be thankful every waking moment for the safety we enjoy as a result!
NY Senate Photo: www.cdcu.coop
         This state and it's people are believed to be safer as a result of this bill being ramrodded through the legislative process. This is what Mr. Cuomo thinks. "Drying up the supply" he says. What do you think? Criminals by their very definition are commiters of crime, breakers of laws. ....but they are now expected to avoid a misdemeanor or felony gun charge and abandon their plans of committing capitol murder and other unspeakable crimes or that they will find guns harder to obtain on the streets of America. We are now expected to believe that a 7 round magazine is somehow safer than one containing just 3 more rounds and that there is no way a criminal may think to bring extra mags. Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember hearing that these, nut jobs who run a muck in gun-free shooting galleries, are usually found with 12 guns, 74 knives and 15 screwdrivers taped, strapped and packed in every available location on their body as well as every pocket of  their black trench coat. I guess maybe they won't have room for extra mags? They also suggest selling the now illegal mags to people in other states that allow them. Is he planning on building a wall or force-field at the border now? It worked with fireworks right?  This is the shield of safety that we now live comfortably behind. This is the mindset of the authors and supporters of this legislation. This lunacy is what they expect us never to question. Just once I want to hear this point explained to me! I have yet to hear anyone present an argument of any kind. The people that actually think this crap up run this state!! The whole state!! God help us....
        Pistol permits now have a 5 year shelf life before having to be renewed. The question that is yet to be answered is ...how much?? You just know it's going to cost something. My guess is the old trick of "making it cost prohibitive to dissuade interest" will be employed. What will be the deciding factor in whether the permit is reissued or denied? Will they be systematically denied for any BS reason? Ammo now requires a background check. I don't have that big of a gripe against background checks. I find it hard to argue that guns don't belong in the hands of criminals and psychopaths without being able to identify who is who. So long as it is timely and doesn't add to the cost of ammo. If it is intentionally made to be a drawn out complicated process that adds to the bottom line of my Walmart receipt, then I have a problem. I anticipate many hoops in which to hurl myself through for that box of 9 mil. I have not heard whether or not hand-loading will be affected. Shhhhhh! I should edit that out.....maybe I found a loophole.
Photo: Chicago Tribune
So called "assault weapons" are now redefined and of course banned. If you think for a second it might be an assault weapon it probably is. If anyone in a military uniform anywhere, ever, used it even as a pry bar to get into a port-a-jon it's an assault weapon in NY. Internet sales are done too. Those of us lucky enough to have purchased one prior to the 4th Reich's new laws are "grandfathered" in and do not have to give up our ARs. They do, however, have to be destroyed upon our demise. No more handing the zombie killer over to Jr in your will.
        What makes me laugh time and time again is the ineptitude and down right ignorance of those who believe guns are the anti-Christ and thus ban them into oblivion. Like heat shrouds being "a shoulder thingy" and sling swivels being mistaken for bayonet lugs, and my favorite...semi-auto mistaken for full auto. If you're going to strip people of their self defense, hobbies and in some cases their livelihoods at least become informed on the ins and outs of the industry...or at the very least some of the simple terms. Your argument will at least sound like it has merit. Better yet find a firearms instructor and get some hands on training...fire off a few rounds. Chances are you'll be a pro-gun pundit in no time.  
         Another thing I have not been able to get an answer on is provisions for peace and police officers. In the old days we could circumvent the bans and get all the cool stuff.....sorry civilians but membership has it's privileges. Magazine capacity, adjustable stocks, flash suppressors, bayonet lugs...all the the evil things about black rifles were in reach of those of us wearing a badge. I have not seen this issue addressed in this new law though I hear it will be.The fate of HR218 is also unknown in regards to the federal laws soon to be enacted. I believe military personnel should fall under the exemptions as well. Who else knows more about the safe handling and responsible use of firearms?
Attorney James Tresmond
Photo: www.therightperspective.org
         I have heard a lot about the legality of enacting these new laws so fast and whether it was fair or not to do so without public scrutiny. The constitutionality is of course in question and many law enforcement agencies across the country are arguing the methods to which these laws will be enforced and whether or not they should be enforced at all. I have heard rumors of dissension among LE agencies all over social media and I would not be surprised if any were true...I've mentioned Oath Keepers right? Lawsuits are being filed as well. James Tresmond of Hamburg NY is one such attorney looking to file suit against the State of NY very soon. I'll include links and info below for him if you are a NY resident. With any luck NY may not remain oppressed for long. As for the nation and Mr. Biden's proposals, time will tell. Former President Clinton gave a telling warning to his fellow democrats looking over these proposals now...."Do not be self-congratulatory about how brave you are being for this” gun control push, he said. “The only brave people are the people who are going to lose their jobs if they vote with you.” What he is referring to is the mass ousting at the mid term elections of those who voted for the Clinton AWB back in 94.
Photo: www.tickergrail.blogspot.com

Voters are more powerful than you think and sometimes our Constitutional Republic" actually works as it was intended. Despite how mine Fuehrer Cuomo and the Fourth Reich do business here in NY. It only does so if you stay informed and participate...you know damn well the left will show up. Use the links below and remember those names in November!!  

James Tresmond: Law suit and petition info.


NY SAFE Vote tally as well as all info regarding the law itself: 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Who is representing us?

M-16 with M203 40mm grenade launcher.
     So the gun control battle rages on and I have heard everything from the president using executive order, a crazy man yelling in Albany about making NY even harder to keep as an address, a crazy CEO of an arms company threatening to "start killing people" and yet another crazy man yelling at Piers Morgan...folks I'm going to digress for this one. The interview with Alex Jones on Morgan's show is what we call a "set up" if you want to bolster your point find a guy that is so extreme in his views, so crazy that any point argued against him seems like the right side of the fence to be on lest you align yourself with the madness that is Alex Jones. Well played Piers....well played. Alex Jones thinks that the US planned and executed 9/11, Oklahoma city, gulf of Tonkin.....ya he's one of those guys. So Piers brings him onto a nationally syndicated talk show to represent the pro gun crowd? Thank you to the idiots who allowed that to happen.

James Yeager Photo msn.com
        James Yeager, CEO of Tennessee based weapons training and tactics company Tactical Response. Released a bankruptcy inducing video in which he states....“I’m not fucking putting up with this. I’m not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I’m not letting anybody take my guns! If it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people.” ...fantastic! His weapons permit was revoked as a result. On the other end of the spectrum a NRA spokesman named Bud was interviewed on a Buffalo based talk show hosted by an ousted politician and a some blond girl. His arguments were so flimsy and so ridiculously unprepared and unresearched that I was yelling at the TV the better responses he should have used. It was pathetic.
       Why are these the people that represent us in the argument against gun control, the argument to support and uphold the second amendment? Crazy conspiracy nuts, homicidal tactics instructors, or wimps named Bud? Even Wayne LaPierre says some dumb stuff! The majority of anti-gun advocates are liberals, the majority of liberals are academics. Yet the people we choose to debate them are "Amerka ...fuk ya" neanderthals with 23 guns buried in their back yard waiting for the Zombies to attack or the "gover'mint" who's "come'n fir ma guns".
NRA President Wayne LaPierre Photo: Christian Gooden/AP
       I'm sick and tired of being portrayed as a gun loving violence advocate who wants war and blood in the streets and classrooms with a single digit IQ. I am a US citizen who believes wholeheartedly in the US constitution and the foresight of the people who wrote it. I'm a father who loves and protects his children. I'm a soldier who will die if asked for the betterment of this nation and the safety and liberty of it's people. I cry when innocent people die. My heart breaks when I see the battered and abused. I'm not immune to the terrible things I see in the news or horrible atrocities I see happening in other parts of the world. I'm human and I feel. ...and yes I guess I like long walks on the beach too.
       My point is this.... time and time again I listen to the arguments put forth by the NRA or pro gun groups that are by far and in large a detriment to the fight to keep our second amendment rights. I want to see fire used on fire. Instead I see bombastic extremists yelling about killing people and civil war with that crazy look in their eyes. Find someone who has a marginal control of their temper, a good grasp of proper English would be nice and at least one degree. Someone who will actually help us not put us further back. These idiots are more likely to convert pro gun to anti-gun. If you yourself are going to engage in an argument in support of gun rights with someone who is either anti-gun or indifferent, please use common sense and common courtesy. Do not start yelling like an idiot or threaten to kill anyone!! Don't act like a child....listen if you can't argue, are unpersuasive or you know you're an idiot just avoid the argument all together. That in itself will be more help than hindrance.
       I'd like to touch on a couple of topics, "the use of an executive order for gun confiscation" ...it's been mentioned and frankly that's scary as hell. I don't think it will be implemented to take guns away or to implement a gun grab. I just don't think the president will go that far. Executives orders can be over turned. The NRA is a very powerful lobby group that gets things done despite it's spokespeople. If a grab goes before congress it will not go far. The president knows that but I think he may use EO for smaller aspects of his gun control agenda. I honestly don't think a total ban is likely.
NY Gov Cuomo Photo http://dustinstockton.com
      Something that was mentioned in NY Governor Cuomo's State of the State "rant" in which he was screaming and yelling and there was a cartoon picture of him on a river....this guy is nuts. Anyway he mentioned forcing New Yorkers into having to reapply for pistol permits. Pistol permits are rights infringements and therefore unconstitutional, if he gets his way they can be denied on a state wide schedule. This is something that should scare the hell out every gun owner, especially if ALL guns require permits in the coming legislation....seriously....watch this one and pray Obama doesn't hear about it.
         He also makes mention that he doesn't think anyone hunts with an "assault rifle" nor do they need more than 10 rounds to do so. What he meant was no one hunts deer with an AR-15. Well I do and so do many many others who live in areas that allow the use of rifles in hunting deer. Deer hunting isn't the only game in town either Mr. Cuomo. We also use them for hunting woodchucks, coyote, squirrel, etc. I believe it's the premier hunting arm of feral pig hunters nation wide. But he knows what he's talking about, he has a Remington shotgun and has "hunted". As far as needing more than 10 rounds, DEC law says 5 anyway. Magazine capacity is a ridiculous argument, magazines regardless of capacity can be reloaded by hand in seconds.
         The whole argument of hunting or not hunting is moot. The second amendment was meant to keep the citizens armed against, and thus protected from, a tyrannical government set to enslave them or strip them of their liberties. This can happen today and it has happened in the past and in other parts of the world where the people don't enjoy such constitutionally protected rights. Anti-gunners look at this as crazy talk, unnecessary and archaic speech from worlds gone by. This view should be instantly dispelled by watching CNN for twenty minutes.
I'm on the Left, Div CSM on the right. Photo USAPAO
        The last topic I want to touch on is the time honored idea that soldiers will knock on your door and forcibly take your guns. I don't know where this comes from and who starts it rolling. Maybe paranoia? Whatever the case, it is impossible...it will never happen. For one ...it's unconstitutional to strip the citizens of their guns. Two...using the US armed forces against US citizens is also unconstitutional...it's illegal. Three...US soldiers ARE US citizens and most of us are gun owners and advocates. We are sworn to uphold the constitution and we will do so. The chain of command stated in that oath places the president subordinate to god and the constitution. We are told never to obey an unlawful order and the Hague told us just following orders is not a defense against prosecution. So please do not start looking at soldiers with a un-trusting eye in the coming months! We're not going to take your guns. Look up a group called Oath Keepers and that should cover it.  

       That's it for this week. Please leave a comment and tell your friends.

Above is a pic of a M16/M203 in what appears to be a school class room. That's my reserve center which is a converted little school. No disrespect to the citizens of Sandyhook was implied in this photo ..it's just a cool gun.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Those evil evil guns


        Hello my I'm Snowhack and this is my forte into the blogosphere...Yes it will suck but it should get better as I lumber along. My name is obviously not Snowhack, it was my gamer tag from long ago and I stuck with it...a cross between loving winter and being a CO...or Hack as we affectionately call ourselves. I may decide to use my real name here some day but for security reasons I choose not to today. Please respect that. I am a 20 year veteran of the US Army and hold the rank of  SFC/E-7, I'm a 12B48 Combat Engineer Instructor in the reserves. In the civilian world I am a NY State Correction Officer....12 years...and a member of my jail's CERT team. Don't ask what jail I work in, don't ask how many wars I fought in I won't respond.


        Getting into it I'm going to link a YouTube video by a man named Sturmgewehre. He is seen as the narrator on the Military Arms Channel YouTube video series. Link: http://youtu.be/JDglpt8hpyg .
I've only just subscribed to this video series and I've only seen two of his videos as of typing this. The point lays in the content, though I'm sure he's a real hoot. In his video he discusses a proposed weapons ban to which we all know is coming in some shape or form. This is the latest info I have seen on the proposed ban that is to be spearheaded by noted anti-gun proponent, VP Joe Biden. He also narrates a video covering magazine capacity, (http://youtu.be/EXrAt7-ij2k) another common aspect of these bans. This somehow makes them more deadly or evil. Such deadly and menacing features like bayonet lugs, flash suppressors (compensators), pistol grips, adjustable stocks, heat shields and other evil death enablers.
         Assault weapons bans are aimed at firearms that have some or all of the above mentioned features. The crux of these laws, to include the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, is to ban guns with cosmetic features similar to military weapons. Law makers feel these are the factors behind the rash of deadly shootings in this country as of late. Nothing could be further from the truth. The killing aspect of any gun lays in two key factors...the bullet is the foremost item responsible for killing any living thing. I think in this we can all agree, so any device that launches a projectile at or near the speed of sound is going to cause death or serious protracted disfigurement regardless of weather there is a bayonet mounted on the weapon or the length of pull was modified without using hand tools.
         Another misnomer regarding weapons is the difference between semi-auto, full auto and single shot shoot and cock weapons such as bolt actions and pump shotguns...and hell, we'll even briefly cover black powder. If you are a lawmaker or soccer mom about to speak your mind into a news camera PLEASE take notes!! Weapons that can fire more than one bullet without reloading or mechanically cocking the weapon after each bullet is fired are referred to as semi automatic, one bullet for every one trigger pull...simple. Full auto is when the trigger is pulled, and held to the rear, and the weapon will fire until the trigger is released or the magazine is empty. Shoot and cock is just that, fire one round then mechanically load another cartridge via lever, bolt, sliding fore-end or what have you. Black powder weapons have to be loaded after each round is fired with a measured black powder charge, wadding and a bullet. In the case of pistols there are single action and double action. This covers both revolvers and autos. Single action requires the shooter to cock the hammer for each shot or, in some autos, the chambering of the first round will do it automatically. Double action does not require cocking the hammer the trigger pull will do it for you. If you are not clear on any of this just ask I'll go into further detail.
       It would seem to me that the word AUTO in semi-auto is the only word that the brain picks up if you make laws in this country or talk to news reporters! Semi-auto seems to register as a belt fed, zombie killing, lead spewing fire hose. The fact is most weapons are semi-auto, even revolvers technically, as long as they are double action. Full auto has been illegal since circa 1986, unless you have a FFL...(Federal Firearms License) a very special permit that is also very rare.
       The second and final factor is the most important, it lays in the human being that is holding the weapon. Key to this is his intent, his state of mind and psychological or physiological well being. No weapon, not even UAV drones, have ever gone on a killing spree without that key second factor....the human being. The chemicals used in parkerization, the signature flat black paint that makes these weapons so evil looking, does not posses the shooter's soul or change his mind set. My AR-15, pictured above, is not clambering to get out of my gun safe and make me kill people. The monsters responsible for these unspeakable murders set out to kill and they didn't care how. They simply chose a tool that made it quicker...easier. These same people would have chose a different tool had the obvious one not been available. Tim McViegh did, so did 19 terrorist on 9/11. Doors can be locked and fires set, steal a cement truck and drive into a crowd, it doesn't matter if you take away these tools one by one they will just find another. One of the traits that sets humans apart from animals and makes them so great is their innate ability to adapt. To overcome obstacles and find a way to succeed. Unfortunately this god given trait can also be used for evil.

         For those of you who want to chime in please do so, but please we are all adults and hopefully mature ones at that. I will not respond to name calling, character assassinations, or pointless bickering. Please submit valid points and use facts, do not post links or reference to un-proven stories of heroism or carnage. Lying undermines the argument on both sides and you can never get back your integrity at least not with me. If you mis-speak of get your facts mixed up please own up to and we'll move on...as will I. 
         For those of you, and I hope you are many, who take the argument to the lawmakers, I ask that you follow the same criteria stated above. I see, way to often, a good point or sound argument absolutely ruined by immaturity, name calling, and the use of false or exaggerated facts. Please exercise maturity, integrity and keep a level head. Thank you.