Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Government over regulation is neccessary for your safety!!!

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom, it is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves" --William Pitt 1783

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." --Benjamen Franklin 1775

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      The statements above say it all folks and truer words have never been uttered. Two great quotes by two great men. The biggest factor in the ever continuing degradation of our civil and human rights will be politicians screaming on TV that we "need" government regulation, laws, and bans to keep us safe! Even suggesting they are necessary to our survival. Mayor Bloomberg is a shining example of such a politician. He seeks to regulate absolutely every facet of daily life!! From pop, trans fat, cigarettes, and idling cars, to baby formula, sodium, alcohol, taxis,....and ear buds!?!?  From conducting secret squirrel entrapment operations in out of state gun stores to having an A/C unit designed for placement in the window of your house retrofitted to the window his tax payer purchased SUV!!?? He knows he's just a city mayor right? 
       Personally I try to eat as healthy as I can and, yes, it's a frustrating task trying to eat healthy outside my own kitchen. I don't smoke or drink in excess...though I do use ear buds...we all have our vices. I know these things are not healthy and, unless you've been living under a quarter pounder, so do you. The world would probably be a better place without some of the things he wants to regulate away with, but I make the choice to live healthy, I don't need some over stepping politician to instruct me on how to do so! Though I do encourage everyone to do the same I have absolutely no right to demand they do!! ...and either does Mike!! Please citizens!!! Do not let this man run for President!!!
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     The latest anti-gun legislation, centered around background checks and straw purchases, but containing much fine print, failed in the senate 40-60.  Mrs. Fienstien then commented, "I have watched these votes, and I must say I view them with substantial dismay at the lack of courage in this house..." What she meant was she was disgusted that her fellow senators did not have the courage to vote against what their constituency, in which they represent, wished them to vote.  Personally I don't mind a background check, if it's accurate and not abused! It would most likely be neither accurate nor un-abused. Being a libertarian I oppose government intervention in any of our lives or liberties. This does however mean the proposed gun bill is in peril
         Mrs. Fienstien is upset that her fellow senators didn't just vote without regard to their constituency. This is what happened in NY with it's SAFE act. Nearly every law enforcement agency in NY is opposed to this law based on public outcry and most cite the way in which the law was rammed through the legislative process. You may Google "opposition to SAFE act" to see a list of government and LE entities in NY that oppose it....it's quite a list. That level of opposition is a huge indicator that politicians did not act in their voters best interest. It is my sincere hope that this unconstitutional law is repealed. The sponsorship of at least two democrats is needed to accomplish this and that may be where my hopes go to die....
         I would like to say a couple things to those of you who think the Army or Troopers are coming
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for your guns or somehow support the SAFE act. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but it bares repeating. The US Army comprises one of the largest groups of gun owners and constitutional proponents in the country. We take an oath to that affect. We are taught what an unlawful or unconstitutional order is and we are allowed, even required by law to refuse to follow it!  The Army is not coming for your guns. The constitution strictly forbids using the Army against US citizens. ...as for the Troopers....they love guns too. They are proponents of the 2nd amendment, the constitution and gun ownership. They are not in a hurry to knock on a fellow citizen's door and take guns from from a fellow gun owner. The "brass" that governs the Troopers may not share that sentiment but I assure you they are not coming for your guns either. Many of them I have talked to are willing to tell their leadership to stick it if ever such an unlawful/unconstitutional order is given. Let that be the end of that.....
         If anything positive has come from Gov Cuomo's totalitarian gun bill it is that he inadvertently derailed any federal gun legislation by causing nation wide panic when he sodomized NY with the SAFE act. Gun owners were afraid similar legislation would be enacted in their state or worse that Obama would simply clone the SAFE act and shove it down America's throat. They immediately petitioned their representatives and senators to reject any such bill. Harry Reid noticed this and himself said an AWB would never pass.
       Jay Mohr tweeted that "the second amendment must go..." (link) he referenced the lack surprise or shock that something like the Boston Marathon tragedy could occur. He was then inundated with pro second amendment rebuttals!! He was clearly not anticipating such a response and asked (tweeted) where all these maniacs were coming from!?
        Even after the President shamelessly exploited
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children and grieving families, his assault on the Constitution failed. This man's continued use of the emotions and grief of American citizens and the sad faces of children to push his agenda is the most shameless and despicable acts of manipulation I have ever witnessed!! ...and by an office that should be above such nonsense!!
       What Senator Fienstien, Mr Mohr and the Pres don't seem to understand is that Wednesday 17 April was not a "pretty shameful day in Washington". It was the American people being fairly represented in Government!! No it was not the NRA buying anyone off!! It was people calling, writing, tweeting, and emailing their elected leaders and demanding their voice be heard! Thanks in part to fear of getting their own SAFE act. Gov Cuomo screamed to the world that New Yorkers wanted the SAFE act, what happened next was New Yorkers saying, "...um...no we don't". Senator Ried, of all people, understood this and said as much by pointing out that an AWB would not pass the senate long before the vote. Senators are not supposed to "vote their conscience" they are supposed to vote what their constituency wants them to vote!! Our elected leaders are not absolute rulers! They do not dictate to us, we dictate to them!! That is why they have phones and email and mailboxes!! And that is what happened to the anti-gun bill in the senate. Unfortunately this is not what happened in NY!!
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  The Boston Marathon bombing showed the American people a couple of things. First of all it told us that the evil Bushmaster .223 isn't the only thing to strike fear in American hearts. It showed us that a country can, once again, rally around a stricken city. That even sports rivalries can be put aside to show a little love and respect. It also showed us that some people are so despicable that they can "hope" the suspects turned out to be "white Americans" so that liberalism doesn't take a setback. David Sirota article America got to listen to the real suspects family members cry "setup".... yes the conspiracy theorist were burning the midnight oil too.
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        It also showed us that police can and will forcibly enter your home because it was "necessary" to find the fleeing suspect. In reality who is going to say no? Being LE myself I would gladly assist police who wanted to check my residence. They wouldn't have to ask. Being a proud second amendment supporter they wouldn't find him alive in my home anyway. This touches on a fine line. No body wants to impede the search for a terrorist suspect, but in reality the 4th amendment was designed to protect ones privacy and keep government out of your personal affairs and off your property ...and it was trampled on in Watertown, Mass.
Gun Powder 
       The Boston Marathon Bombing was a tragedy that did not involve guns, but it did involve gun powder. If it is not already being constructed, look for a bill, or amendment to current gun legislation, that will severely infringe ones ability to obtain gun powder. Those of us who hand load will find our little oasis in the big ammo famine starting to dry up very soon. It would only be fair of cooking appliances and ball bearings be severely regulated in the next gun bill as well.
      These regulation build up to the point that it is impossible for any average American, or even a seasoned lawyer, to keep track of what they can and can't do and when they can do it, or shouldn't, for how long, how much they can do and with who, in what county, state, city or district, indoors or out, upside down or backwards?? When does it end? Do you mean to tell me we need to regulate the amount of bullets one buys or how much pop one can drink to convince people that killing is wrong and if I drink to much Choka-Cola I'll get fat? Are we as a people that stupid or inept? I believe our elected officials think so.
         There are enough laws on the books to cover these acts of terror and violence. They have been on the books since before there were books. Some people call them common sense! Don't kill people! Don't eat fried food and hamburgers three times a day every day or you'll get fat!! Do I need regulations on top of regulations to tell me those things? "No" is the answer if you're wondering. I've said it before and I'll say it again...humans are the most adaptive species on earth. If you take away a tool to build a house they will make another more effective tool and build it better. The same goes for killing I'm afraid. The Boston Bombers meant to kill and they did. No laws or regulations were going to stop them. We need to take another approach. I will not pretend to know what that approach might be or how it will come about but it won't be regulated into use that much I know.
         We need to start by enforcing the laws we have and being more vigilant as a society. Someone knew these two were up to no good and did nothing about it. Sometimes, though, there is simply nothing anyone can do. Some individuals bent on killing are going to do just that. Ideology or extremism, mental defect or emotional breakdown....some things just can't be addressed or addressed in time.