Friday, December 4, 2015

When you have a hammer....

     There is a saying that many on the left use to describe their reason for stricter gun control. "If all
you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail". The hammer being a gun of course and our children and puppies are the helpless nails.... This reference is an allusion to the idea that all gun owners are ticking time bombs just itching to kill something or someone or run a muck in a local school, church or community center. We all know this isn't true, in fact one is more likely to get killed in a household accident than by gunfire. Millions of CCP holders walk the streets everyday and don't kill a single soul! I often tell anti-gunners that they themselves are more likely to kill an innocent person with their car than I ever would with my gun. For the record I plan on never killing anyone with my gun much less an innocent person. The left feel that people in general are incapable of self governess and very much incapable of responsible behavior. We are bound to cause mayhem and chaos if left to our own devices. We need government to legislate us into not killing ourselves. We also know this to be starkly untrue.
     The idea that gun control will slow or stop violence is ridiculous. This is common sense to me though it is rarely grasped by the left. The media very often fails to mention the fact that murder, assault with a deadly weapon, mass murder, terrorism, discharging a firearm in city, village, town, school, church, vehicle, public park,
public building, train or plane, committing arson, rape, or serious protracted disfigurement are illegal acts. IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO THESE THINGS!!!!! It doesn't matter WHAT was used, the act itself is a crime!! So by taking away one of the tools that may facilitate any of these acts, will magically eliminates all instances of these CRIMES? Where is the mention that these are crimes? Illegal to carry out anywhere in the continental United States....and most of the civilized world I might add. What the left is trying to say is, if Bob wants to kill Steve, commit capitol murder, he will not risk violating a state or federal firearms statute to do so? Sounds plausible.
     Why do I never hear anyone discussing why Bob wanted to kill Steve in the first place? What

drove Bob to such an extreme? How can we convince Bob this is wrong? How do we stop this murderous mindset? No one asks those questions when one of these tragic events occurs. The media immediately centers on "assault weapon", "assault clothing", gun violence, stricter gun laws. The president says we need to act!! Get rid of the guns!! This leads me to my next point, the point I alluded to in the first paragraph...the hammer reference. The murderous people who commit these heinous acts are not lawful gun owners, they are not the sheep dogs of our communities, they are not decent people. They don't have a hammer and seek the nail. They see their victims as the nails for sure but what they seek is the hammer. Their saying should go, "everyone looks like a nail, if only I had a hammer!!" They seek a tool for their deadly deeds but they only choose a gun out of convenience or shock value. I'll admit there is a destructive value to a firearm. If you take away that tool though they merely seek out another
hammer. Anyone who has ever built anything knows you can pound in that nail with something else if you reach for your hammer and it isn't there. I've used wrenches, rocks, tape measures, a hefty level, switched to screws, what ever it took. I got the job done. Improvising is a valuable human trait, and though I use it for good, many do not. When the bad guy reaches for that gun and it isn't there, their murderous rage will still be present and they will reach for something else....a knife, an axe, a bomb, a car, fire, ...a hefty level...whatever it takes.
The only thing responsible for these mass killings, these terrorist acts, all the active murderous rage. That line that gets crossed from sanity and compassion to hatred and evil. Maybe it's a belief system or a mental defect or a breaking point. This is what needs to be addressed, this is what needs to be outlawed...this is where the politicians need to spend tax dollars to research or legislate. The public outcry should be directed toward solving the root of the problem
not the tools used after the fact. The outlawing of firearms will only make honest people felons, that's it...the criminals will just go about business as usual probably without batting an eye...but they will have fewer instances of armed opposition.


  1. The secret to ending drug addiction is finding the root of the addiction and addressing it. Banning drugs has never worked. The same goes with anything used to kill or injure. Find the root of the rage and hatred and start there. It's that simple...or is that complicated but that is the answer to solving these issues. Not elected officials who know nothing more than how to get people to check their box in November passing knee jerk reaction laws that just make honest people honest ...or criminals. Politicians know nothing about anything outside their secret service protected neighborhoods or are so economically or status isolated from these issues they don't have the right to even comment about them.

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