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Saved from ourselves!

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          Well it happened.....S2230-2013 On 15 Jan 2013 the governor of NY received and signed a bill that went so fast through the NY senate and assembly that I will forever scream BS when NY lawmakers claim to be at an impasse or blame a slow innate system for not getting budgets and contract negotiations to proceed in a timely fashion. What happened here in NY is an absolute travesty. A bill that was known to lack a majority of public support, known to to be constitutionally questionable at best, a bill that if put to public vote would be overwhelmingly defeated, was given to the senate at the very last possible moment with only 30 minutes to review before voting. Have no doubt folks that it was presented that way on purpose. The constitution and about a half dozen laws and regulations regarding the passage and transparency of laws in this state was circumvented and intentionally avoided! This was done because the outcome, had it been made public and adequately reviewed and some level of understanding reached, would have been different, I assure you! Democrats believe that left leaning government knows best and the people should not be left to their own devices lest the country spiral into the dirt amid an idiotic blank stare. They truly believe they are here to save us from ourselves. They think we should be thankful every waking moment for the safety we enjoy as a result!
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         This state and it's people are believed to be safer as a result of this bill being ramrodded through the legislative process. This is what Mr. Cuomo thinks. "Drying up the supply" he says. What do you think? Criminals by their very definition are commiters of crime, breakers of laws. ....but they are now expected to avoid a misdemeanor or felony gun charge and abandon their plans of committing capitol murder and other unspeakable crimes or that they will find guns harder to obtain on the streets of America. We are now expected to believe that a 7 round magazine is somehow safer than one containing just 3 more rounds and that there is no way a criminal may think to bring extra mags. Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember hearing that these, nut jobs who run a muck in gun-free shooting galleries, are usually found with 12 guns, 74 knives and 15 screwdrivers taped, strapped and packed in every available location on their body as well as every pocket of  their black trench coat. I guess maybe they won't have room for extra mags? They also suggest selling the now illegal mags to people in other states that allow them. Is he planning on building a wall or force-field at the border now? It worked with fireworks right?  This is the shield of safety that we now live comfortably behind. This is the mindset of the authors and supporters of this legislation. This lunacy is what they expect us never to question. Just once I want to hear this point explained to me! I have yet to hear anyone present an argument of any kind. The people that actually think this crap up run this state!! The whole state!! God help us....
        Pistol permits now have a 5 year shelf life before having to be renewed. The question that is yet to be answered is much?? You just know it's going to cost something. My guess is the old trick of "making it cost prohibitive to dissuade interest" will be employed. What will be the deciding factor in whether the permit is reissued or denied? Will they be systematically denied for any BS reason? Ammo now requires a background check. I don't have that big of a gripe against background checks. I find it hard to argue that guns don't belong in the hands of criminals and psychopaths without being able to identify who is who. So long as it is timely and doesn't add to the cost of ammo. If it is intentionally made to be a drawn out complicated process that adds to the bottom line of my Walmart receipt, then I have a problem. I anticipate many hoops in which to hurl myself through for that box of 9 mil. I have not heard whether or not hand-loading will be affected. Shhhhhh! I should edit that out.....maybe I found a loophole.
Photo: Chicago Tribune
So called "assault weapons" are now redefined and of course banned. If you think for a second it might be an assault weapon it probably is. If anyone in a military uniform anywhere, ever, used it even as a pry bar to get into a port-a-jon it's an assault weapon in NY. Internet sales are done too. Those of us lucky enough to have purchased one prior to the 4th Reich's new laws are "grandfathered" in and do not have to give up our ARs. They do, however, have to be destroyed upon our demise. No more handing the zombie killer over to Jr in your will.
        What makes me laugh time and time again is the ineptitude and down right ignorance of those who believe guns are the anti-Christ and thus ban them into oblivion. Like heat shrouds being "a shoulder thingy" and sling swivels being mistaken for bayonet lugs, and my favorite...semi-auto mistaken for full auto. If you're going to strip people of their self defense, hobbies and in some cases their livelihoods at least become informed on the ins and outs of the industry...or at the very least some of the simple terms. Your argument will at least sound like it has merit. Better yet find a firearms instructor and get some hands on off a few rounds. Chances are you'll be a pro-gun pundit in no time.  
         Another thing I have not been able to get an answer on is provisions for peace and police officers. In the old days we could circumvent the bans and get all the cool stuff.....sorry civilians but membership has it's privileges. Magazine capacity, adjustable stocks, flash suppressors, bayonet lugs...all the the evil things about black rifles were in reach of those of us wearing a badge. I have not seen this issue addressed in this new law though I hear it will be.The fate of HR218 is also unknown in regards to the federal laws soon to be enacted. I believe military personnel should fall under the exemptions as well. Who else knows more about the safe handling and responsible use of firearms?
Attorney James Tresmond
         I have heard a lot about the legality of enacting these new laws so fast and whether it was fair or not to do so without public scrutiny. The constitutionality is of course in question and many law enforcement agencies across the country are arguing the methods to which these laws will be enforced and whether or not they should be enforced at all. I have heard rumors of dissension among LE agencies all over social media and I would not be surprised if any were true...I've mentioned Oath Keepers right? Lawsuits are being filed as well. James Tresmond of Hamburg NY is one such attorney looking to file suit against the State of NY very soon. I'll include links and info below for him if you are a NY resident. With any luck NY may not remain oppressed for long. As for the nation and Mr. Biden's proposals, time will tell. Former President Clinton gave a telling warning to his fellow democrats looking over these proposals now...."Do not be self-congratulatory about how brave you are being for this” gun control push, he said. “The only brave people are the people who are going to lose their jobs if they vote with you.” What he is referring to is the mass ousting at the mid term elections of those who voted for the Clinton AWB back in 94.

Voters are more powerful than you think and sometimes our Constitutional Republic" actually works as it was intended. Despite how mine Fuehrer Cuomo and the Fourth Reich do business here in NY. It only does so if you stay informed and know damn well the left will show up. Use the links below and remember those names in November!!  

James Tresmond: Law suit and petition info.

NY SAFE Vote tally as well as all info regarding the law itself:

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