Thursday, January 3, 2013

Those evil evil guns


        Hello my I'm Snowhack and this is my forte into the blogosphere...Yes it will suck but it should get better as I lumber along. My name is obviously not Snowhack, it was my gamer tag from long ago and I stuck with it...a cross between loving winter and being a CO...or Hack as we affectionately call ourselves. I may decide to use my real name here some day but for security reasons I choose not to today. Please respect that. I am a 20 year veteran of the US Army and hold the rank of  SFC/E-7, I'm a 12B48 Combat Engineer Instructor in the reserves. In the civilian world I am a NY State Correction Officer....12 years...and a member of my jail's CERT team. Don't ask what jail I work in, don't ask how many wars I fought in I won't respond.


        Getting into it I'm going to link a YouTube video by a man named Sturmgewehre. He is seen as the narrator on the Military Arms Channel YouTube video series. Link: .
I've only just subscribed to this video series and I've only seen two of his videos as of typing this. The point lays in the content, though I'm sure he's a real hoot. In his video he discusses a proposed weapons ban to which we all know is coming in some shape or form. This is the latest info I have seen on the proposed ban that is to be spearheaded by noted anti-gun proponent, VP Joe Biden. He also narrates a video covering magazine capacity, ( another common aspect of these bans. This somehow makes them more deadly or evil. Such deadly and menacing features like bayonet lugs, flash suppressors (compensators), pistol grips, adjustable stocks, heat shields and other evil death enablers.
         Assault weapons bans are aimed at firearms that have some or all of the above mentioned features. The crux of these laws, to include the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, is to ban guns with cosmetic features similar to military weapons. Law makers feel these are the factors behind the rash of deadly shootings in this country as of late. Nothing could be further from the truth. The killing aspect of any gun lays in two key factors...the bullet is the foremost item responsible for killing any living thing. I think in this we can all agree, so any device that launches a projectile at or near the speed of sound is going to cause death or serious protracted disfigurement regardless of weather there is a bayonet mounted on the weapon or the length of pull was modified without using hand tools.
         Another misnomer regarding weapons is the difference between semi-auto, full auto and single shot shoot and cock weapons such as bolt actions and pump shotguns...and hell, we'll even briefly cover black powder. If you are a lawmaker or soccer mom about to speak your mind into a news camera PLEASE take notes!! Weapons that can fire more than one bullet without reloading or mechanically cocking the weapon after each bullet is fired are referred to as semi automatic, one bullet for every one trigger pull...simple. Full auto is when the trigger is pulled, and held to the rear, and the weapon will fire until the trigger is released or the magazine is empty. Shoot and cock is just that, fire one round then mechanically load another cartridge via lever, bolt, sliding fore-end or what have you. Black powder weapons have to be loaded after each round is fired with a measured black powder charge, wadding and a bullet. In the case of pistols there are single action and double action. This covers both revolvers and autos. Single action requires the shooter to cock the hammer for each shot or, in some autos, the chambering of the first round will do it automatically. Double action does not require cocking the hammer the trigger pull will do it for you. If you are not clear on any of this just ask I'll go into further detail.
       It would seem to me that the word AUTO in semi-auto is the only word that the brain picks up if you make laws in this country or talk to news reporters! Semi-auto seems to register as a belt fed, zombie killing, lead spewing fire hose. The fact is most weapons are semi-auto, even revolvers technically, as long as they are double action. Full auto has been illegal since circa 1986, unless you have a FFL...(Federal Firearms License) a very special permit that is also very rare.
       The second and final factor is the most important, it lays in the human being that is holding the weapon. Key to this is his intent, his state of mind and psychological or physiological well being. No weapon, not even UAV drones, have ever gone on a killing spree without that key second factor....the human being. The chemicals used in parkerization, the signature flat black paint that makes these weapons so evil looking, does not posses the shooter's soul or change his mind set. My AR-15, pictured above, is not clambering to get out of my gun safe and make me kill people. The monsters responsible for these unspeakable murders set out to kill and they didn't care how. They simply chose a tool that made it quicker...easier. These same people would have chose a different tool had the obvious one not been available. Tim McViegh did, so did 19 terrorist on 9/11. Doors can be locked and fires set, steal a cement truck and drive into a crowd, it doesn't matter if you take away these tools one by one they will just find another. One of the traits that sets humans apart from animals and makes them so great is their innate ability to adapt. To overcome obstacles and find a way to succeed. Unfortunately this god given trait can also be used for evil.

         For those of you who want to chime in please do so, but please we are all adults and hopefully mature ones at that. I will not respond to name calling, character assassinations, or pointless bickering. Please submit valid points and use facts, do not post links or reference to un-proven stories of heroism or carnage. Lying undermines the argument on both sides and you can never get back your integrity at least not with me. If you mis-speak of get your facts mixed up please own up to and we'll move will I. 
         For those of you, and I hope you are many, who take the argument to the lawmakers, I ask that you follow the same criteria stated above. I see, way to often, a good point or sound argument absolutely ruined by immaturity, name calling, and the use of false or exaggerated facts. Please exercise maturity, integrity and keep a level head. Thank you.



  1. As far as gun control goes ,I think we should look into smart weapon technology and holding gun owners more accountable for accounting for their guns. But you also get at the meat of the issue, at least what I think is the meat of the issue: mental health screaming, diagnosis, and monitoring. A little moe of that can go a long way.

  2. I can only speak for NY, I assume it was a nation wide trend, but we started shutting down our mental health facilities about 20 years ago. Places like, Hudson, Harlem Valley, SONYEA, etc. Most of the more dangerous patients were entered into the NYS prison system under care of, in my observation, ineffective mental health treatment programs. MHU, RMHU, STP programs that continue to fail and are constantly revamped.

  3. Proposed new weapons ban